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Create opportunities for interested citizens, organizations and businesses to enhance the educational opportunities in the Kettering City Schools. Contributions are used to fund a grant program supporting curriculum-based programs and innovative teaching.


Support the Kettering School District’s efforts to be the innovative leader in K-12 education throughout the Miami Valley.


The Kettering Education Foundation began in 1990 as a dream of Kettering resident, Susan Bieber, whose research showed that our community was one of the few in the Dayton area without a private foundation for its schools.

Susan and the other founders, John Bieber, Roger Bauser, Dale Medford and Chuck Havener, spent three years investigating the needs of the school district and programs offered by other foundations across the state of Ohio.

In 1993, the group established itself as a legal entity and incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c)(3)corporation under the laws of the State of Ohio.

The Kettering Education Foundation is governed by an advisory board comprised of community leaders and business associates, ex-officio members and trustees.

Since its inception, the Kettering Education Foundation has raised more than $300,000 and has awarded more than 400 grants.

Advisory Board

  • Jim Probasco, President
  • Sarah Howdeshelt, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Mary Lou Holland
  • Stephen Hopf
  • Penni Meyer
  • Dave Roalef
  • The Dayton Foundation Liaison

The Dayton Foundation Liaison

  • Janice McLefresh, Donor Relations Officer


  • L. Scott Inskeep, Superintendent
  • Lori Simms, Member, Kettering Board of Education


  • Dr. Jerry Barnett
  • Susan Bieber
  • MaryKay Feller
  • Chet Roush
  • Roger Bauser

Kettering Education Foundation



Kettering Education Foundation
3750 Far Hills Ave
Kettering, Ohio 45429-2584

email: jprobasco61@gmail.com