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Kettering Education Foundation Designated Funds

Designated Endowment Funds are funds that are accepted by The Kettering Education Foundation and designated for a specific purpose. The Kettering Education Foundation is pleased to have Three Designated Endowment Funds that provide income for annual programs that enhance student learning opportunities.

Lion’s Club Eye Care Fund – Established with a gift from the Kettering Lions Club the funds are utilized to help provide eye care for indigent students in the Kettering City School District.

Smart Choices For Healthy Youth Fund – Established in 2008 with funds from the Parent Pact for Smart Choices Program the fund is utilized to provide financial support for Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs in the Kettering City School District.

The Class of 1950 Memorial Grant Fund - This fund was established by the members of the Fairmont class of 1950 as a lasting legacy to what the class of 1950 found so meaningful in life, helping others achieve a social responsibility of giving back to help others after their Fairmont High School Graduation. The fund is utilized to provide a classroom grant to the project of the class of 1950’s choosing.

How can you establish an endowment fund with The Kettering Education Foundation?

An initial gift of $5,000 is required to establish a Designated Endowment Fund. The donor must make a commitment to reach a minimum level of $20,000 within four years of establishing the fund. Grants will be made from the fund one year after the fund reaches the minimum of $20,000. If the donor so desires, he or she may play a consultative role in the planning and evaluation of the program.

The endowment funds are invested individually by the Foundation and only the earnings on such funds are available for expenses related to the specific program.

The Kettering Education Foundation Endowment Fund was established in 1993. The goal then, as it is now, is to use this money as directed by the Advisory Board of the Kettering Education Foundation to achieve specific educational goals in the Kettering City School District. It shall not be used to supplant any part of the regular operating budget of the school district, which is provided through tax money. The endowment fund continues to grow each year through the addition of planned gifts, donations, and reinvestment of interest. 

Can I donate to an existing fund?

Anyone can create a Designated Endowment Fund through the Kettering Education Foundation, but if you are unable to pledge $5,000 a year for four years you may want to consider donating to an existing fund. All of the funds that the KEF manages are open to donations, in-fact the more people that contribute to these funds the greater amount of support we can offer to the school on a yearly basis. The KEF can accept donations of cash, stocks, appreciated art-work, planned gifts and more. To make a donation please contact us at (937) 294-4425.

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