The goal of the Kettering Education Foundation’s Grants Program is to provide teachers with the opportunity to put creative ideas into practice to enrich the standard curriculum in ways that directly affect students’ day-to-day educational experiences. Please review all the information below to learn more about our grant process and guidelines.

KEF Grant Process


Any preschool, elementary or secondary teacher employed by a public school in the Kettering School District is eligible to submit a proposal. An individual teacher or several teachers who wish to collaborate may make a proposal. Please note that the maximum amount of $1,000 for new grants and $500 for renewal grants does not increase for collaborative projects. Applicants for collaborative projects should designate one teacher to be the project leader. This teacher will receive all project communications.


Projects should benefit students as fully as possible and should be curriculum based. While research activities are eligible for funding, student benefit must be clearly demonstrated.

Because the Kettering Education Foundation believes that cooperation and coordination between principal and teacher is essential, each application will be submitted to the school principal for review.

Review and Selection Process

The Kettering Education Foundation (KEF) Grants Committee will review proposals and select grant winners.


Grants will not exceed $1,000 for new grants and $500 for renewal grants. Projects must be completed within an academic year, but they may begin and end at any time during that year. Teachers are encouraged to coordinate their proposals with other available resources.

Notification and Payment

KEF will notify recipients by email. Each grant recipient will sign the letter of agreement confirming the terms of the grant. KEF will submit the grant funds to Kettering City schools who will issue payment for the full amount of the grant to the teacher.  Checks will be awarded in August.


KEF must be notified in writing of any status change of a teacher who is awarded a grant. KEF reserves the right to rescind any award it determines to be inappropriate or diminished in impact due to a teacher’s change in status. GRANT AWARDS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE TO OTHER TEACHERS.


Each grant recipient will be required to submit both an Interim and a Final Report form. IRS requirements mandate that receipts for all expenditures must be submitted at the conclusion of the project. All excess funds must be returned to the Kettering Education Foundation.

**Failure to submit a final report will prohibit consideration of any future grant.

Grant Guidelines

The Kettering Education Foundation will consider projects and/or research activities, which contain one or more of the following curriculum-based goals:

  • Test ideas, which improve instruction in the teacher’s content or subject area(s)
  • Use non-traditional techniques
  • Involve parents in the teaching-learning process
  • Broaden cooperation between the community and the school
  • Lead to enhancement of the existing curriculum

Application forms must adhere to the following guidelines to be accepted:

  • All applications forms must be submitted online.
  • Supporting documents must be typed.
  • The project title must appear on each page of all supporting documents.

Generally funds will NOT be used to pay for:

  • Major equipment purchases or field trips unless item/trip is a vital component of a larger strategy.
  • Capital improvements or renovations
  • Replacement of public funds
  • Compensation of public school teachers or staff
  • Projects which could be accomplished with existing funds
  • Expendable items: candy, treats, t-shirts, etc.