The Kettering Education Foundation offers several scholarships on a yearly basis to graduating seniors at Kettering Fairmont High School.

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Yearly Scholarships

We are currently offering the following scholarships to graduating seniors:

Catherine Riordon Scholarship

The Catherine Riordon Scholarship was established in honor of this outstanding Kettering educator who devoted her life to teaching music. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving graduating senior with a 2.5 minimum GPA.


Chase Hale Scholarship

The Chase Hale Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of T. Chase Hale, who was a 2002 graduate of Kettering Fairmont High School, captain of both his swimming and tennis teams, and died in an automobile accident in 2007. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the swimming team nominated by the coaches.


Cheryl Abraham Memorial Scholarship

A school counselor at Fairmont High School from 2002-2014, Cheryl loved high school students and dedicated her life to helping them navigate their way, however divergent the path, to choices that would positively shape their futures. She offered students her mindful presence and total acceptance. Cheryl worked hard to create opportunities for students to succeed and was a tireless advocate for those whose life path was not always straight or clear. No minimum GPA.  Essay focuses on overcoming a personal, environmental, or other challenge.


Chief’s Scholarship

The Chief’s Scholarship was founded to continue the bond between fathers and their sons/daughters established in the Indian (Adventure) Guide and Princess Programs sponsored by the Kettering South Community YMCA. Graduates of the program who are graduating seniors with a 2.5 minimum GPA may apply.


“Cookie” Weeks Scholarship

Kettering teacher, Elizabeth “Cookie” Weeks, established the “Cookie” Weeks Scholarship for a graduating Fairmont senior who was also a graduate of Ms. Week’s Beavertown Elementary class. The award is given to a student who has a combination of a high GPA and demonstrated involvement in school and community activities. The award is given to a student who has not received a scholarship for athletics.  No minimum GPA.


James Lockwood Scholarship

James Lockwood Scholarship was established at the wishes of James Lockwood, who was killed by a drunken driver in a traffic accident just days before deploying for service in Iraq. The scholarship is designed to reward a graduating senior member of the Fairmont Track and Field program who has exhibited significant love and spirit for this sport. Application requires a letter of recommendation from the track coach.


John Pitstick Memorial Scholarship

The John Pitstick Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the spirit and memory of Fairmont West graduate John Pitstick, a varsity football player and student who enjoyed high school and made lifelong friends at Fairmont. The scholarship goes to a Fairmont student athlete who plans to major in education. No minimum GPA.


Kesling Family Scholarship

The Kesling Family Scholarship was established by former Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano and Fairmont grad, Diane Kesling, to honor her parents, Betty Kesling Smith and Devon Kesling. Both Betty and Devon were Kettering graduates and active participants in the music program. Students do not apply for this scholarship.  Nomination from the music teachers go to the Scholarship Selection Committee.


Kettering Jaycees Scholarship

The Kettering Jaycees Scholarship was established by the Kettering Jaycees Foundation to assist Fairmont seniors who are graduating from the Automotive Trades Program. The award is a one-year scholarship given to a student who is active in the community and school and who is recommended by his or her teachers for this scholarship. Students do not apply for this scholarship.


Ray Albrecht Scholarship

The Ray Albrecht Scholarship was established by the family of Ray Albrecht as a memorial tribute to the hard work and dedication that he showed in all aspects of his life and for his commitment to sending 11 kids and six grandchildren through the Kettering School System.  No minimum GPA.


Sally Roush Brown Scholarship

The Sally Roush Brown Scholarship was established to pay tribute to former teacher and Kettering Board of Education member, Sally Roush Brown. The Brown family developed this scholarship for a graduating senior at Fairmont who has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities. Minimum 3.5 GPA.


Gail Latham Memorial Scholarship

The Gail Latham Memorial Scholarship was established by Melanie Kolden-Ramsey to honor her friend, Gail Latham.  Applicants should plan to pursue a career in communications, advertising, public relations, journalism, digital communication, photography, or a similar field.  No minimum GPA.


Patricia Dudick Scholarship

The Patricia Dudick Scholarship was established by former Kettering teacher Patricia Dudick to honor a former student of hers.  The applicant mush have been a student in Mrs. Dudick’s 1st or 3rd grade class at Moraine Meadows or JFK Elementary.  Minimum 2.5 GPA